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CellTec Systems pursues a holistic approach that is used in a wide variety of industries. As the first German full-service provider for industrial cell production (or cell technology), our know-how brings decisive advantages in various industries. Wherever cell-culture or -processing is required on an industrial scale, we offer customized solutions based on our many years of know-how.

You will find our technology in the following areas:

Food technology

In order to keep pace with the ever-growing world population, new food production methods that conserve resources must be found. We believe that a part of future agricultural production will no longer be done with livestock, but with optimized production reactors using a sustainably produced plant growth medium. This need is enormous. Therefore, we concentrate on the development of reactors that can be used for industrial production of Cultured Meat.

Animal food

In addition to humans, many other mammals or fish ideally consume animal proteins as food. Here, too, is a great opportunity to develop new sources of raw materials based on cell cultures. With an efficient bioreactor, this represents a sustainable production opportunity that can be scaled up without intensive land use.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the medical field, many cell-based products for prevention and healing are already in use today. Our novel universal bioreactor enables the particularly flexible production of any cell type for the use for e.g., vaccines, test systems, tissue or wound healing

Chemical and detergent industry

Many products from the chemical industry come into direct contact with humans. This makes it necessary to ensure that they are harmless before they can be marketed. In addition, certain enzymes are added to modern products such as detergents to improve their function. Here, the possibilities of industrial cell culture can be used not only for the implementation of cellular test systems, but also for the production of added enzymes and other biological ingredients.

Cosmetics industry

Comprehensive tests are also required for the approval of cosmetic products to guarantee their safety. Our test systems based on complex cell culture models enable these tests to be carried out completely without animal testing – a major benefit for animal welfare. In addition, high-quality biomolecules such as collagens can be produced for application in appropriate mass cultures.

Bioreactor PluriGrow

As a universal basis for use in solutions, we are developing the bioreactor of the future with our cell proliferator – using a patent-protected process. The universal concept of this reactor inn combination with the long-time optimized procedure for cell proliferation offers great advantages in terms of quality, efficiency as well as flexibility in the design of processes. Resulting in the ability to react to changing requirements at shortest possible notice without the necessitiy to redesign the process.

If you come from industry and have questions or project proposals concerning our solutions, we will be happy to help.

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