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Industrial cell production or processing always requires the interaction of deep cell biological knowledge and the knowledge of effective procedures for scalable propagation.

As such, it places significantly higher demands on implementation than is necessary for established production processes, such as those based on fermentation. Our interdisciplinary teams of specialized scientists and experienced engineers develop customized systems from cell biology, processes, and plant engineering for individual tasks – for maximum quality and highest efficiency.

Custom development of primary cell cultures

Powerful basis for proliferation (cell reproduction)

If you want to carry out cell cultures from fish, bird or mammalian cells, you need specially prepared cells that are as efficient as possible and can then be multiplied in a clearly defined and reproducible process. For this purpose, it is not sufficient to take primary cells from an animal (e.g. from the tissue remnants of the ear tag). These must be specially prepared for long-term cell culture. At the same time, we develop a production process optimized for the specific cell, consisting of equipment and media, so that the longest possible and most uniform division is achieved..

From our own steadily growing cryo cell bank we can already provide suitable and proven cell lines from many livestock species, so that this step in cell culture development can be omitted.

Optimization of primary cell cultures

Maximum efficiency for your cell proliferation

Wherever industrial proliferation is performed, highest quality and maximum results with the lowest possible use of resources are essential. Existing equipment does not always meet the desired parameters such as longest lasting possible division and cost-effective use of media. In addition, framework factors also change unintentionally over time, making it necessary to adjust production. Together with our customers we analyze the existing proliferation process in all parameters and develop promising optimizations for the respective cell culture.

Develop/provide specific cell lines for the production of secondary raw materials

Use cell cultures for the production of raw materials

The cell as the smallest independently living organism is capable of performing many additional tasks. In addition to its own existence, under certain circumstances, it can produce and secrete required substances that can then be processed industrially. These can be enzymes or hormones, for example. In contrast to many other production processes, usually only few raw materials are required and comparatively pure and high-quality substances can be produced.

Together with our customers, we develop long-time-stable cell cultures that are capable to produce the desired raw materials in a reproducible manner.

Development of industrial cell production and processing

Production lines for the cell sector

In addition to the development of cell cultures, we realize scalable production and processing systems for our customers. Through experienced and efficient cooperation partners, for example in the field of plant engineering, we are able to professionally cover the entire life cycle beyond the conception phase up to the operating phase. Depending on the requirements profile, we also take on subtasks that relate to the proliferation phase, cell harvesting and immediate post-processing. For certain tasks, we already have proven manufacturing technologies at our disposal.

Proof-of-concept development for scaled cell production

Protection for large-scale investment projects

When it comes to the implementation of industrial cell proliferation on a large scale many companies are ready to start. However, very often it is difficult to assess to what extent the envisaged production processes will actually work in their cell biological and process engineering implementation. Therefore, we support our industrial or public clients in assessing this issue, both in an analytical-theoretical and in a biopyhsical-practical way. This way risks to be better assessed or even quantified.

If you come from industry and have questions or project proposals concerning our services in the field of bioengineering, we are happy to help.

Contact us. We will be happy to talk to you

Contact us.
We will be happy to talk to you.

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