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Cell production

In many industries, defined cell quantities are needed at a short notice, for example for the production of test systems or complex biomolecules. Unfortunately, often only limited quantities are available by conventional means. Additionally it is a challenge to ensure the required quality. Within the scope of contract manufacturing, we are able to produce the required quantities using standard in vitro methods or with our cell proliferator.

Contract production and processing of standard cell cultures

Speeded-up availability of any cell quantities

Conventional production methods usually only allow the short-term production of certain tissue cells, as well as the production of e.g., antibodies or certain proteins, to a limited extent, as they often require an intact organism. Therefore, short-term scaling is rarely possible. This is completely different when producing under in vitro conditions, for example in our bioreactor. Please feel free to ask for the cell quantities you require (SOP approx. March 2023)!

Complex cell culture systems (e.g. test and 3D) incl. licensing

Three-dimensional or organoid systems as cell cultures

Also, for more complex cultures like 3D scaffolds or organoids, cell production can be performed, supported by our patents. In case licenses are required, they can be included in the package. Our own processes are based on many years of research results and have already proven themselves many times over.

If you come from the industry and have questions or project proposals about our services in the field of cell production, please get in contact with us.

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