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Industrial cell propagation and processing, e.g. for the sustainable production of “cultivated meat”, is one of the highly innovative areas of modern biology. Due to the high complexity, only a few companies worldwide are currently able to offer products in this field. CellTec Systems is one of the world’s leading companies in this field, with its longstanding successful research teams and engineers as well as various patents. We see ourselves as the first German full-range supplier for industrial cell production and cover the entire value chain from biology, plant technology and utilization.


Industrial cell production or processing always requires the interaction of deep cell biological knowledge and the knowledge of effective processes for scalable propagation. We develop customized systems from cell biology, processes, plant engineering for individual tasks – for maximum quality and highest efficiency.

Cell proliferator

Every production plant for industrial cell proliferation needs a bioreactor as a central element, in which the growth of the cells takes place. The core of our patented process, which has already been successfully validated for many years, is our modular bioreactor “PluriGrow”, which will be available in different capacity sizes.

Cell production

Within the scope of contract manufacturing, we can produce desired cell quantities using standard in vitro methods or, in the future, using our cell proliferator.

Know-how transfer

Since handling biological cell cultures is anything but trivial, we pass on our proven expertise and skills in all aspects of cell biology.

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If you come from the industry and have questions about CellTec Systems and our products and services, you are welcome to contact us any time.

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