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New cell-based processes are currently being introduced in many areas. As the handling of biological cell cultures is anything but trivial, the results often fall short of expectations. Very often, due to the lack of proven expertise and skills in the field of cell biology. For the CellTec Systems science- and laboratory-teams, the professional use of this technology is part of their daily work. We share this expertise to contribute to the widest possible application of these sustainable processes.

Consulting on cell biological development and production

Project support at top scientific level

Quite a large number of companies are currently evaluating or carrying out projects in the field of industrial cell culture. At the latest with the Cultivated Meat-boom, it has become clear how enormous the role of this technology can be in our lives. Without detailed knowledge of the interrelationships, however, it is almost impossible to implement successful projects. As scientific consultants, we support our customers in application projects of varying degrees of complexity. Few companies have such comprehensive scientific expertise as CellTec Systems does. Through our partnership with various universities, research institutes and companies, we can also draw on a close-knit network to solve any of your problems.

Continuing education in the company

Specialized application knowledge for practical teams

For most employees in companies, dealing with industrial cell propagation or the use of cell cultures is absolutely uncharted territory these days. In order to change this in the long term, a technical and organizational framework must be created. Furthermore, it requires intensive training of the personnel to ensure qualified work. We offer specific cell culture courses. The online- or face-to-face courses ensure qualification and, with regular update courses, they also ensure knowledge is kept up to date.


We grant comprehensive licenses for our various patented production processes so that they can be used completely independently. This makes it possible, for example, to avoid collisions and at the same time ensures the success of your own investment. Our patents are based on the results of cutting-edge research carried out over the past 15 years and we dare say they are therefore probably unique on the market.

If you come from industry and have questions or project proposals concerning our services in the field of bioengineering, please contact us.

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