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Cell proliferator

Every production plant for industrial cell proliferation requires a bioreactor as a central element, in which the growth of the cells takes place. In contrast to reactors for fermentations or other cell biological processes, that are available for some time now, for reliable cell cultivation an environment appropriate to the organism must be created. To ensure economically attractive cell propagation the focus must be on quality and efficiency.

Patented cell production systems

Our “bioreactor”: The scalable modular reactor PluriGrow

The core of our patented process, which has been successfully validated for many years already, is our modular bioreactor “PluriGrow”, which will be available in different capacity sizes. Currently, production capacities of up to 50t p.a. are planned. We expect this capacity to increase tenfold in the coming years.

In addition to the bioreactor, we are planning further plants for industrial cell propagation and processing on the basis of our patents.

If you come from the industry and have questions or project proposals concerning our bioreactor, we will be pleased to talk to you.

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We will be happy to talk to you.

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