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The scientists working for CellTec Systems have maximum expertise in the field of cell cultures and have been active in this research area for many years. CellTec Systems’ partnership with the Chair of Medical and Marine Biotechnology IMMB at the University of Lübeck also ensures a continuous exchange on cutting-edge research.

Our laboratory site in Lübeck, which will be completed in 2023, is first-class equipped for the realization of all common cell culture processes. This includes among others

  • Microscopic time-lapse imaging

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Molecular biology

  • Cytometric investigations

  • Automation and standardization of individual areas of cell culture work

Our teams offer professional skills in the following areas, for example:

  • Isolation of primary cell cultures from all vertebrates

  • Testing of cell cultures for their usefulness in industrial processes

  • Establishment of long-lived cell lines

  • Definition of quality characteristics for the respective cell lines

  • Control of the cells for optimal use in the respective field of application

  • Gentle cryopreservation of the produced cell batches

  • Broad analysis procedures for living cells

For the development of the bioreactor, we cooperate with various renowned companies specialized in plant engineering and process control. It is particularly important for us to keep know-how and value creation in Germany, in order to be able to guarantee long-term continuity. For this reason, our international patent base gives us a decisive competitive advantage over other suppliers.

Get in contact with us! If you come from the industry and have questions or project proposals concerning our technology, please contact us.

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