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CellTec Systems

The Future is

The 5th Industrial Revolution
based on animal cells, the raw material source of the future

What we do:

Isolate cells
Cultivate cells
Multiply cells
Pioneering – scientific – patent protected
What we do

Who we are:

We are a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute Luebeck, Germany and the University of Luebeck under the direction of Prof. Dr. Charli Kruse.

Prof. Dr. Charli Kruse
PhD at the University of Rostock in the field of cellular regulatory mechanisms of animals.
Habilitation at the Medical University of Luebeck, Germany in the field of “Molecular Biology
Head of the Fraunhofer-IBMT Working Group “Cell Differentiation and Cell Technology” at the University of Luebeck, Germany
Foundation of the German Cell Bank for Wildlife “Alfred Brehm” CRYO-BREHM
Head of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Engineering EMB
CellTec Systems – co-founder and scientific director

For me, the greatest invention of the last century is cell culture. I am convinced that we are only at the beginning of a development that will enable an ever broader expansion of a cell-based economy and thus give rise to completely new and environmentally friendly production processes.
Prof. Dr. Charli Kruse

CellTec Systems GmbH is a young spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the University of Luebeck, Germany. This company combines 25 years of experience in working with cell cultures with entrepreneurial spirit. The young company is supported by the experienced investor FML Foundation and the Rittal GmbH as a leading global industrial partner.

CellTec Systems GmbH carries out innovative research and development in the field of industrial cell technology. The focus of its activities is on mass propagation processes for the production of food, diagnostics, test systems and other consumer goods.

The company has set itself the task to develop a new sustainable source of raw materials for various industrial sectors through the industrial use of renewable cell cultures. The work is based on various patent families held by CellTec Systems GmbH. These patents describe various technologies and products for the mass propagation of cells as well as for the processing of the cells obtained. These are the starting point for the production of various products with a focus on the development of cell-based food (Clean Meat) as well as cell- and protein-based test systems.

Who we are

Why we do it:

Because we need quick answers to the challenges of the future

Environmentally aware, responsible, sustainable, resource-conserving → ESG Environmental Social Governance.
With the 5th Industrial Revolution, the need for agricultural land is reducing – our technology is a decisive contribution.
Our technology enables the reduction of factory farming and the resulting antibiotic resistance.
Our technology reduces emissions of climate-damaging gases and minimizes water consumption.

Find out all the background information in the CellTec Systems presentation:

Why we do it

For whom we do it:

For the coming generations together with:

Food industry

Turning animal breeding into cell breeding – to improve the world’s food situation

Pet food industry

Development of new raw material sources based on cell cultures

Medical industry

From treatment to healing – vaccines, test systems, tissue, wound healing

Chemical industry

Cellular test systems, enzymes, detergents

Cosmetics industry

Test systems based on complex cell culture models


We are developing the bio-reactor of the future for all the above-mentioned topics – with a patent-secured process.
For whom we do it